NetID/Password Troubleshooting
Last Updated: Feb 12, 2024 Views: 156

If you are unable to log in to library resources, try the following steps:

  1. Check to make sure your NetID/Password works to log in to your UWW email or to Canvas.
    • If you CAN log in to these, go to Step 2.
    • If you CANNOT log in to your UWW email or Canvas, you will need to contact ICIT at 262-472-4357 for help resetting your password. You can also reset your password at If you cannot remember the answers to your challenge questions, you will need to call ICIT for assistance.
  2. If your NetID/Password works for email/Canvas, please make sure you are typing in the exact same password for library resources. 
    • If your browser is set to autocomplete your saved username/password for some things (like email and Canvas) but you are typing in your password when you access library resources, you accidentally may not be typing the same password as is saved in your browser. 
    • You can view your saved passwords in your browser settings. (Instructions for ChromeInstructions for other browsers.)
    • Copy and paste the revealed password from the autocomplete into the library resource login screen. 
  3.  Clear your cache and cookies. Select a long timeframe (not just 24 hours or one day) when you clear your data.
  4. If you have cleared your cache and cookies and are certain that you are typing in the exact same NetID/password into library resources and it is still not allowing you to log in, please fill out the Off-Campus troubleshooting form
  5. You may call the Reference Desk (262-472-1032, during open hours) and a librarian may be able to send you what you need (like an article PDF) as a short-term solution.


  • If you have tried to enter an old or incorrect password into any UWW login screen too many times, you will be locked out of the system for at least 30 mins. You may need to wait to log in again. Clear your cache and cookies.
  • If you have changed your password very recently (within the last hour or so) there may be a short delay before all the systems using your NetID/Password login have updated. If waiting, clearing your cache and cookies, and trying again does not work for library resources, please use the Off-Campus troubleshooting form to report the issue.